WWE and AEW File New Trademarks This Week

Both WWE and AEW have reportedly filed new trademark applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

WWE has filed trademarks, dated October 25, for the term “Then Now Forever”. Long time WWE viewers will be familiar with this phrase as it’s the tagline used on the WWE intro before shows and events.

There are two realms for the trademark for the phrase. The first would be “goods & services” and is for mostly clothes such as shirts, sweatshirts, footwear, and other merch that are meant for people to wear. There is also, however, a “goods & services” trademark filed for “entertainment services”.

The other filed trademarks that the WWE made this week are for the ring names of two NXT UK talent: Xia Brookside and Tyson T-Bone.

AEW, on the other hand, has filed a trademark for a phrase that looks like it could be either for a new seasonal TV show or an event name or at the very least an event catchphrase.

They are seeking to trademark “AEW Best Summer Ever” and it is for “entertainment services, namely, an ongoing television show about professional wrestling”.

Currently, there has not been any announcement about a new AEW event, though the second AEW television program is reportedly still in the works, just delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.