WWE and AEW Using Different Tests to Screen Talent for COVID-19

WWE and AEW might currently both have COVID-19 testing procedures in place, but how each company is doing it tends to differ.

Wrestling Inc. is reporting on how the WWE and AEW are doing their COVID-19 testing for television tapings.

According to their sources, WWE is conducting nasal swab tests the day before testing, while AEW requires talent to have a blood prick test the morning of the tapings.

Previously, it was reported that WWE seemed to be relying on temperature tests. Notably, WWE producer Tyson Kidd was sent home from a taping along with his wife Natalya when he failed a temperature test. The couple luckily tested negative.

Now Wrestling Inc’s source says WWE talent needs to show up at the venue parking garage a day before taping. They stay in their cars while the nasal swab is collected. They then leave and get the results of the test via text.

Talent that tests negative are also then given the show plans and schedule for the next day.

Over at AEW, talent are tested at an off-site facility and are given their results within ten minutes.

If they are negative, they are given a wristband and taken to the venue. AEW doesn’t allow anyone without a wristband into the tapings.