WWE Announces Firefly Inferno Match for TLC

This weekend at TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs, Randy Orton will take on The Fiend for the first time in his career, after weeks of issues between the two men on Monday Night RAW.

The Legend Killer recently made quite the statement ahead of their bout when he set Bray Wyatt on fire inside a box backstage on Raw.

The Fiend interestingly emerged from the flames and was once again able to get the better of The Viper with Mandible Claw.

This has now lead to WWE announcing a unique stipulation for their match on Sunday night since this is now being called a Firefly Inferno match.

It’s unclear what the rules of the match are or how a winner will be decided since the regular rules of an Inferno match see the winner forced to set his opponent alight. At the same time, the last Firefly Funhouse match was just one fall to a finish.

Wyatt actually has some history in this kind of match, since his first-ever pay-per-view match back at SummerSlam in 2013 saw him take on Kane in a Ring of Fire match. It was Wyatt who emerged victorious when he was able to pin The Devil’s Favourite Demon.