WWE Announces Free Version of WWE Network

WWE has officially launched the free version of the WWE Network, which will give access to over 15,000 WWE titles for free. A tiered version of WWE Network has been in works for several months, and the company finally rolled it out for the WWE Universe.

The free version will allow the streaming of various PPVs and weekly programming, including recent episodes of Monday Night RAW and Friday Night SmackDown.

The launch will be taking place today, and will not have an advertisement based revenue model for the time being.

Jayar Donlan, Executive Vice President of Advanced Media at WWE, spoke to The Hollywood Reporter and dubbed the free version as WWE’s way of providing balance for the fans.

“A balance of providing a great experience for our fans by essentially offering unlimited access to a larger array of programming while still maintaining the value of our more premium content at $9.99 per month.”

Along with the recent episodes of all the three brands, the free version will also have original content like RAW Talk, Monday Night War, Ride Along, and Table for 3.

In addition to this, a string of historical PPVs will also be available for free streaming which includes WrestleMania 31 to 35.

WWE launched the Network in 2014, moving away from the PPV business. The subscriber count for the Network is currently over two million, as WWE has continued to dish out programming in the current lockdown environment. Donlan talked about this decision as a way for WWE to evolve and keep up with the current trends.

“Evolving is smart and putting new offers in the marketplace stimulates consumer activity. It gives us a good fan experience.”

New PPVs and other premium content like WWE 24 and WWE 365 will continue to be a part of the $9.99 version of the WWE Network.