WWE Teases NXT For Survivor Series 2019, Viking Raiders Suffer Their First Loss

Image via WWE

WWE Teases NXT For Survivor Series

WWE traveled to Saudi Arabia to present Crown Jewel earlier today and mid-way through the live show, the company played a promo for next month’s Survivor Series pay-per-view.

The promo saw Michael Cole utter his usual line about it being the one night of the year where Raw and SmackDown go head to head before the promo faded out to NXT chants before the imagery featured the likes of NXT talent Johnny Gargano.

It’s thought that this was WWE announcing, for the first time ever, Survivor Series this year will feature the talents of their NXT brand. This means that the next month could include some of the most compelling TV moments in decades as the developmental brand pushes for their chance in the spotlight.

The WWE Universe has also realized that this announcement means that there could be some interesting matchups on the horizon including Champion vs Champion matches like Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins vs Adam Cole or Becky Lynch vs Bayley vs Shayna Baszler.

The OC Are The Best Tag Team In The World

Crown Jewel was full of surprises, one of the biggest came in the Tag Team Turmoil match when it came down to The OC and The Viking Raiders. The OC were the ones who shockingly picked up the win and are now seen as the best Tag Team In the World, but their win means that The Viking Raiders have suffered their first loss in WWE.

Erik and Ivar headed to the main roster unpinned as they relinquished the Tag Team Championships on their way to the top and have since been able to remain undefeated, until tonight when their run came to an end at the hands of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson.

Saudi Arabia was a strange place for The Viking Raiders to suffer their first loss, but it could now lead to an interesting feud between The OC and the Raw Tag Team Champions.