WWE Announces “Raw Legends Night” for January 2021

WWE’s low ratings last week on Raw has led to some knee-jerk reactions from the company, perhaps including the Money in the Bank cash-in at TLC.

This week on Monday Night Raw, these interesting decisions continued, as WWE announced that two weeks from now would be known as “Legends Night” on the first episode of Raw in 2021.

The legends included are Torrie Wilson, The Big Show, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, and several others as WWE looks to boost their ratings in the best possible way at the start of the new year.

This could also be the show where Goldberg returns and sets up a future match since the former WCW star has already shared a list of stars that he would like to face, which includes Raw’s, Keith Lee.

WWE annually presented an Old School Raw show which would take place in January or March and include famous faces like Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts and Roddy Piper, but this ended in 2015.

The closest WWE has presented in recent years was last year’s Raw Reunion show, where several legends appeared on Raw in the Summer of 2019. As of writing, no specifics have been announced for the upcoming show.