WWE Announces Rules & Celebrities For 2019 Draft, Pete Dunne Is Focused On NXT USA

Image via WWE

Longest reigning NXT UK Champion Pete Dunne has officially moved to the United States and will be a key player on NXT’s weekly show on USA Network going forward.

During a recent interview with PW Insider, Dunne made it known that although he doesn’t want to close any door at the moment, he has no intention of going back to NXT UK either.

“Confirm, but I don’t think that changes my status in this company. I think for the last three years I’ve been an independent wrestler, main roster wrestler, NXT wrestler and NXT UK wrestler. I’m all over the place, and I like the way that it’s opening up. Right? Cesaro can come do NXT UK, and I don’t want to close any door unnecessarily, but as of now the focus is USA every Wednesday.”

Meanwhile, WWE is busy with the upcoming Draft that kicks off this week on Friday Night SmackDown. FOX has released a specific set of rules for the 2019 WWE Draft which states that every main roster talent is eligible to participate and “over 70 Superstars” will be in the pool.

SmackDown can obtain 30 Superstars while RAW will get 41 Superstars because of the extra hour the red brand has to fill.

Tag Teams will be counted as a single pick but both FOX and USA Network can choose one member of the team, thus causing the duo to split. The WWE Universe can expect a bunch of “free agents” once the Draft is through.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer reported that WWE plans to give the Draft an authentic feel by having actual network representatives make the decisions. These reps – celebrities and executives – are to play a key role in the Draft.

“So they’re gonna have reps from — it’s gonna be people who will be picking like a football draft. It’s not gonna be done like it’s done before. It’s gonna be a rep or reps from USA and a rep or reps from Fox that will be doing the picking as opposed to authority figures from WWE.”

“They don’t want authority figures right now so that’s how it’s gonna be.”

The 2019 Draft will conclude on Monday Night RAW next week.