WWE Announces The Release Of Curtis Axel

WWE releases have been a hot topic of conversation ever since Vince McMahon made the announcement that cuts would be made across the board in WWE back on April 15th. More than 30 employees have been released over the past few weeks with many producers furloughed while others have been released but there are rumors that the company could rehire them once the current climate changes.

Cain Velasquez and Gerald Briscoe were the most recent releases yesterday but there were rumors that suggested that there would be more on the way with many sites stating that the company was open to releasing any star that requested it.

These rumors were not wrong since WWE made the announcement on their Twitter page earlier tonight that they have come to terms with the release of former Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel.

Axel is the son of WWE Hall of Famer Mr. Perfect but despite coming into the company with a lot of pedigree and being a star that many fans believed could be a main eventer, Axel was wasted and his last few years in WWE came in the form of The B Team alongside Bo Dallas.

While the duo are former Tag Team Champions, they were a tag team that was put together as a comedy partnership and were never expected to be Champions who broke records or shattered glass ceilings. Axel is a shock release but he was in the same group as the likes of Heath Slater and Zack Ryder, which could be why WWE saw him as surplus to requirements.

Axel could be someone who makes the move over to AEW alongside many of the recent WWE releases, but given the fact that he has been underutilized by WWE, it could be a stretch for the former Champion to make any big moves following his return.