WWE’s Attempt to Trademark NXT Ring Names Blocked By Lack of Written Consent

As we have reported earlier, WWE has multiple trademarks filed for various phrases that are either current or potential ring names for their talents.

According to Heel By Nature, several of these trademark filings are being stymied by the fact that they were not able to provide written consent from talents who are already performing under those names.

The documentation obtained by Heels By Nature, dated December 10, showed that several of these trademarks will be abandoned in six months if WWE doesn’t provide the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) with written consent.

The names are “Mercedes Martinez”, “Malcolm Bivins” and “Raquel Gonzalez”. All three are currently NXT talents.

In the case of Martinez, WWE is also up against the fact that Martinez filed her own trademark for the name and the registration was finalized on June 23.

Martinez was last seen on WWE television as a masked member of the faction Retribution. But she allegedly asked to be removed and her request was granted.

Mia Yim, who is still part of Retribution as “Reckoning”, also recently filed her own trademark for her ring name “Mia Yim”.

Since WWE is also reportedly trying to trademark “Mia Yim”, they could possibly run into trouble getting “written consent” for that.