WWE Avoids Mentioning Chris Jericho At Clash of Champions, Paul Heyman Had Major Influence In The Main-Event

Image via WWE

WWE is a highly competitive company, and it always makes sure that it steers ahead of any competition, even if it is harmless. Chris Jericho is definitely making the WWE Hall of Fame in the future, but he is currently employed by WWE’s rival promotion, All Elite Wrestling.

This has led to WWE avoiding mentioning Jericho on WWE television, and it was pretty clear during the Intercontinental Championship match at WWE Clash of Champions.

Chris Jericho currently holds the record of most number of IC title reigns, as he has won the prestigious title a whopping nine times. The closest to Y2J is The Miz, who has won the titles eight times.

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The Miz challenged for the IC title at Clash of Champions and tried to win his ninth IC title. Had he won, he would’ve equaled Jericho’s nine reigns, and officially become the most crowned Intercontinental Champion of all time.

This stat was mentioned on the commentary several times, but the announcers carefully avoided any mention of Jericho. They kept on saying Miz will tie the record, but refused to mention the individual who currently holds the record.

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WWE has done a similar thing in the past, by avoiding mention of Chris Benoit‘s name when talking about superstars who won the Royal Rumble from #1 position.

Elsewhere, the main-event of the PPV saw Seth Rollins take on the Monster Among Men, Braun Strowman. Rollins defeated Strowman after delivering four stomps and a Pedigree, and Strowman succumbed to yet another loss in a Universal Championship match.

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However, Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the match had Paul Heyman‘s influence on it, as Heyman is known to book matches in which the loser looks strong, even in defeat.

Meltzer said that a match with Vince McMahon in complete control wouldn’t have featured such high-intensity action and kickouts at 1-count.

It was sad to see Strowman lose the match, which marks his fifth defeat in a Universal Championship bout in the last two years. He has lost to Brock Lesnar on four different occasions and once to Seth Rollins.