WWE Backstage: CM Punk Calls Baron Corbin Segment “Garbage”, Says Seth Rollins Needs To Get Off Twitter

CM Punk made his much-anticipated debut on WWE Backstage, and immediately set the stage on fire with his fiery personality. Punk made a shocking return last week when he appeared during the closing moments of the show, FOX announced that Punk would be joining them as an analyst starting this week.

Punk was involved in several segments throughout the one-hour episode on FS1, including a seat-down interview with Renee Young, a recap session of last week’s Smackdown and a ‘Social Media Smackdown’, wherein he cut a promo after a long time.

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In the interview, CM Punk clarified his deal and said he is exclusively signed to FOX and hasn’t talked to a single person in WWE. He went on to say that he isn’t ruling out a return to the ring, but it will take some time rebuilding the burned bridges with WWE.

CM Punk went on to talk about the current product and said he doesn’t see anything different from when he was working with WWE. Punk called the product extremely overproduced and micro-managed. He felt that the Women’s Division and NXT were the only bright spots in the company currently, but the forced Women’s Revolution was not the right move.

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Later, during an analysis segment from last week’s episodes, Punk called Baron Corbin‘s opening segment from SmackDown ‘garbage’, and said the Brock Lesnar-Rey Mysterio matchup is exactly what the fans need.

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CM Punk later responded to Seth Rollins’ challenge and said he doesn’t want to talk about wrestling at this point. He also said Rollins desperately needs to get off of Twitter rather than tweeting nonsense all day long.

CM Punk ended the show with a “stop using me to become relevant” line directed at the former Universal Champion. It is not known whether Punk will return next week, as WWE Backstage has several rotating guests apart from the main hosts Booker T and Renee Young.