WWE Cancels Several Live Events, Including An Event On The Same Night As AEW All Out

The costs of hosting such events have increased and the low turnouts aren't helping WWE

Image via WWE

According to reports from last week, WWE is planning to cut down on live events and start doing more supershows, similar to the Smackville Special which took place last week. According to PWInsider, WWE has cancelled five RAW live events, which were set to take place later this month. The following events have been cancelled.

  • Friday 8/23 in Bossier City, LA.
  • Saturday 8/24 in Lafayette, LA.
  • Sunday 8/25 in Mobile, Alabama.
  • Friday 8/30 in Bangor, Maine.
  • Saturday 8/31 in Portland, Maine.

The costs of hosting such events have increased and the low turnouts aren’t helping WWE. Hence, WWE is reportedly planning on increased network specials.

Kane was advertised for the Lafayette show, which won’t take place now. Kane’s PR team had already denied any reports of the Big Red Machine returning to the ring, which seems highly likely at this point.

AEW is set to present their premier offering All Out, the last pay-per-view before their TV deal kicks in and the official sequel to All In from 2018. The first-ever AEW World Champion will be crowned at the PPV which will take place on 31st August. The scheduled WWE live event for that day is now cancelled, which means WWE won’t have any wrestling on the night of AEW All Out.

The decrease in live events could be a major help for the overworked WWE superstars, who have to work over 300 days a year. The number of injuries on such inconsequential house shows has also increased, and WWE will look to avoid such instances in the future.

Although AEW has denied being a competition to WWE as of now, WWE is definitely looking into AEW’s expansion. The introduction of Executive Directors, increased quality of weekly shows and PPVs are a sign that WWE is looking to bring some changes to ensure AEW doesn’t take away its viewers.

It remains to be seen what WWE will plan on those days instead of doing live events.