WWE Celebrates Chyna’s Debut, Paige Talks Nia Jax Injuring Becky Lynch, Ronda Rousey Responds To Ruby Riott

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WWE Commemorates Chyna’s Onscreen Debut

Amidst renewed call for the WWE to induct the late Chyna into the WWE Hall of Fame, the WWE has released footage of her debut back in  1997.

Chyna made her WWE debut on February 17, 1997 when she interfered in a match between Triple H and Golddust. The WWE has chosen to acknowledge that fact by releasing a video clip in a Tweet. Does this indicate a softening in their stance about the Ninth Wonder of the World’s “worthiness”?

Paige Reveals What She Said To Nia Jax After Injury To Becky Lynch

During an interview with the Los Angeles Times to promote “Fighting With My Family”, Paige took the time to talk about the reactions backstage to Nia Jax injuring Becky Lynch last December.

During the Lynch-led invasion of RAW, a punch from Jax gave Lynch a legit broken nose and concussion. The injury resulted in Lynch being pulled from Survivor Series.

“I had to calm Nia down from that because she was like, ‘I feel like everyone is mad!'”Paige recalled. “And I said, ‘You know what? This elevated Becky so much too. And you’re about to turn heel anyways — so who cares?'”

Given the fact that a bloodied but defiant Lynch is now an iconic part of her rise to being “The Man” and Jax has parlayed the unintended injury in her heel persona as a “facebreaker”, it seems like Paige’s assessment was right.

Rousey Responds To Riott

Ronda Rousey is set to defend her WWE Raw Women’s title against Ruby Riott in the Elimination Chamber. Riott has called out Rousey for allegedly just hopping onto the success of the Women’s Evolution in wrestling.

In response, Rousey shot a video shared by WWE on their official Twitter reminding Riott that she is the only woman who has successfully headlined a pay-per-view.

“The WWE is a business, not a women’s charity. Vince McMahon is a staunch businessman who wants a sure bet,” says Rousey, alluding to her drawing power.

“If you’re tired of waiting, whining, and crying for the women to be placed on the pedestal we deserve to be on, Ruby, you’re going to have to suck it up and watch me machete my way through this unbeaten path while I squash your one-woman riot at Elimination Chamber,” concludes Rousey.