WWE Changed Creative Plans For Dean Ambrose Due To Online Outrage

Image via Comicbook.com

A few weeks ago on Raw, Dean Ambrose mentioned Roman Reigns‘ recent Leukemia diagnosis and stated that he was getting what he deserved. This was in a promo aimed at Seth Rollins and the Internet Wrestling Community reacted with outrage as the real-life sad news was brought into a storyline on WWE TV.

Ambrose has since had his creative direction changed where he was seen backstage last week on Raw receiving inoculations because he refused to enter the city where he might actually catch something.

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This has since continued to play out this week on Raw where he entered Houston, Texas with a gas mask and his own entourage who were also wearing gas masks as a statement that Ambrose was worried that there was something contagious in the city that he could catch.

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Brad Shepard talked about this recently on the Oh, You Didn’t Know podcast that Ambrose has now resorted to cheap heat in order to get the reaction that he required from the WWE Universe, which is why his character has become less popular at present.

“There was such an online outrage that they changed the direction of Dean’s character and now it sucks, it’s terrible now,” he said via Ringsidenews.

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Ambrose faces Seth Rollins in less than two weeks time at TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs where he will be fighting for the Intercontinental Championship in what has become the most hyped match of the show.

It has also been reported that there are a number of title changes expected at TLC, which means that the next step in this feud could be for The Lunatic to become the Intercontinental  Champion.