WWE Clash of Champions: Drew McIntyre Retains WWE Championship Thanks to Some Legendary Interference

Drew McIntyre defended his WWE Championship against Randy Orton in what was one of the most brutal Ambulance matches in WWE history.

McIntyre took some impressive bumps throughout the match in order to retain the richest prize in WWE, but he had some help along the way.

The Big Show was the first star to arrive and choke-slam Orton through a table before Christian returned backstage and delivered a beating to The Viper.

Shawn Michaels then delivered Sweet Chin Music from the top of the Ambulance onto Orton, before Ric Flair showed up after Orton had lost the match to drive the Ambulance away.

The Viper almost had the match won himself on a few occasions, but in the end despite his “dislocated jaw” Drew McIntyre was able to finish the match and deliver a Punt Kick of his own to The Legend Killer to knock him into the Ambulance and close the door.