WWE Clash of Champions: Sami Zayn Becomes The Undisputed Intercontinental Champion

WWE Clash of Champions opened with arguably the most brutal match of the night as Sami Zayn, Jeff Hardy, and AJ Styles collided in a triple threat ladder match for the Intercontinental Championship.

Over the past few weeks, Zayn has preached that he is the real Intercontinental Champion since he didn’t lose the title when WWE decided to go ahead with a tournament to crown a new Champion in his absence.

Finally, tonight Zayn was able to prove that there was truth to his claims when he won back the Intercontinental Championship.

Zayn, Styles, and Hardy left it all in the ring tonight with some of the most shocking ladder bumps that have ever been seen.

At one point, Hardy took a ladder with him over the top rope and was sandwiched between it as he fell to the ground. Hardy then jumped from the top of a ladder through a ladder on top of Sami Zayn.

Despite all of the brutality of the match, it was Sami Zayn handcuffing Jeff Hardy through the ear to a ladder and AJ Styles to the structure of the ladder that finally allowed him to reach the top of the ladder to lift both Intercontinental Championships.