WWE Confirms Introduction Of A Tier-Based WWE Network

Image via Twitter

WWE is an ever-changing ecosystem, and the latest addition to the company’s vast range of products is a tier-based WWE Network. WWE’s very own streaming service, WWE Network, was launched in 2014, which ended the traditional PPV model for the company.

The move to bring in WWE Network proved successful, and WWE is now looking to expand the business model. WWE Co-President George Barrios recently spoke with The Verge and spoke about the tier system.

The tier-system has been rumored by several reports since 2018, and it seems like the full-fledged version is all set to roll out. Barrios talked about introducing three different tiers in the WWE Network; Free, Basic and Premium.

Free: “This will offer the same free-to-watch videos you’d normally find on WWE.com. Barrios said WWE might also offer timed previews of paid WWE Network content.”

Regular: “The standard WWE Network experience, combining free content with subscription benefits like live pay-per-views, on-demand streaming, and original programming.”

Premium: “We think there’s also an opportunity to super-serve our most passionate Network subscribers with a premium tier that’ll bring together more content for them, more features for them, and also integrating some of our other non-video services like our commerce — potentially integrating something like free shipping, bringing together our digital ticketing efforts in there. It becomes the one place to experience everything WWE.”

There were talks about integrating different independent promotions like Evolve on the WWE Network, and they could be a part of the Premium package.

The heavily-outdated UI of WWE Network underwent major changes before SummerSlam last month, and the revamped version was appreciated by the majority of the fans.

Along with the tiered system, WWE will also introduce a download feature, similar to Prime and Netflix, wherein users can download PPVs and episodes of their choice for offline viewing.

WWE is brimming with changes currently and the fans are the winners in this deal!