WWE Considering Adding More Takeover Events To Their Schedule?

NXT has become a phenomenon of its own over the past six years since it was revamped back in 2012, but it’s only recently that the WWE Universe has started to notice the fact that many of the Takeover events blow the main roster out of the water.

The set up in NXT is quite solid right now and the time between Takeover events usually allows enough time for meaningful feuds to begin, which are later given enough time to blossom on the main show, since each Takeover show runs for around three hours and doesn’t present any more than six matches.

The set up of five Takeover shows per year has worked thus far, but according to the Barnburner’s No Holds Barred podcast, as reported by CageSideSeats, the company could be looking to increase this number to around eight events a year instead, before the end of 2019.

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Currently, Takeover shows happen on the eve of WWE’s big four pay-per-views and Money in the Bank, but whilst the increase will definitely put more eyes on the product, it could be argued that it would shorten the time between events and it could affect the ability for the developmental territory to tell stories.

There were a number of stars missing from the Takeover: Chicago card a few weeks ago, including North American Champion Adam Cole who was there but wasn’t in a match and EC3, who only appeared on the kickoff show. WWE Coo and the brains behind NXT Triple H later attributed this to the fact that not every star needs to be part of every show but an increase in events means that there could be more opportunities for the growing constantly developmental roster.