WWE Considering Blockbuster Match For Survivor Series?

The Undertaker collides with Triple H at Super Show-Down on October 6th and it’s already been announced that Shawn Michaels will be in The Game’s corner, whilst The Deadman has recalled his Brothers of Destruction teammate Kane to even the numbers game.

This match is expected to build towards a traditional tag team match between all four men in Saudi Arabia at Crown Jewel on November 2nd, but now rumors suggest that the storyline could be pushed all the way into Survivor Series.

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Survivor Series was the pay-per-view that Undertaker made his debut at back in 1990 and the one that he has always favored despite his impressive winning streak at WrestleMania, many expected The Deadman to be part of the show this year, 28 years after his debut but according to WrestleVotes, he could be up against a well-known adversary.

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The Royal Rumble is already a stacked pay-per-view and given the history surrounding Survivor Series and The Undertaker, it makes much more sense for the match to take place in Los Angeles on November 18th.

Shawn Michaels and Undertaker know each other very well since it was The Deadman who retired The Heartbreak Kid at WrestleMania more than eight years ago and now it appears that the two men will do battle one more time on Undertaker’s soil.

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Earlier reports suggested that Michaels would make his return to the ring for up to five more blockbuster matches and it appears that two of those could now be part of this storyline with The Undertaker. The Deadman’s career is coming to a close now, so don’t be surprised if Michaels is finally able to vanquish the demon of The Deadman at Survivor Series and The Undertaker then goes on another lengthy hiatus.