WWE Continues Trademarking NXT Ring Names

WWE may have abandoned their trademarks for the ring names of both “Cody Rhodes” and “Brock Lesnar” recently, but they are continuing to file new trademarks for new talent.

WWE has filed trademarks this week for two phrases that look like they will be ring names for new wrestlers. The trademarks filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) are dated November 2 and are for “Ezra Judge” and “Skyler Story.”

Ezra Judge is a name that is already in use by an NXT talent, while Skyler Story is as yet “unclaimed.”

Ezra Judge is being used on NXT by EJ Nduka. Nduka is a former professional football player who was signed by the WWE back in 2019.

WWE has been trademarking several ring names for both NXT and NXT UK talents this past month.

The most recent confirmed ring name was “Anthony Grey” who has appeared in a couple of segments on NXT as a student of Timothy Thatcher on Thatch-As-Thatch can. Grey is actually a former EVOLVE wrestler who was known as Anthony Green. He was signed with several EVOLVE stars this October.

The newly named Grey confirmed his new name on social media and was called “Anthony Grey” on NXT TV. It looks like he might be moving into a storyline with Thatcher as he has now attached his “teacher” twice.

During the most recent episode of NXT, Grey attacked Thatcher to help out Thatcher’s student of the week Akeem Young. Young is also a recent signee and also a recent recipient of a new ring name.

Young is actually Sidney Bateman, a former performer with Cirque du Soleil, who was part of the January 2020 WWE Performance Center Class.