WWE Could Be Planning A Huge Invasion Storyline

wwe nxt

NXT has become a phenomenon of its own over the past few years with many wrestling fans declaring that the developmental brand of WWE is better than the main roster.

There have also been times when NXT has upstaged both SmackDown and RAW when it comes to pay-per-view weekends, but the question of who is actually better has never been answered.

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The last time WWE presented an invasion storyline was back in 2010 when The Nexus attacked the main roster in order to obtain professional contracts and it appears that this could be the plan for WWE in the not too distant future.

Joe Peisich revealed on the latest installment of Barnburner’s Fired Up podcast that WWE could be planning another invasion style storyline with the current crop of NXT talents.

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“WrestleMania is you know the biggest show of the year but there’s talk around being put in place, it may happen in a year, 2 years, whatever for really an NXT take over and sort of an invasion between NXT and WWE,” he said via RingSideNews.

There is a lot of strength and depth in NXT right now and the company has the likes of Adam Cole and The Undisputed Era, EC3, Velveteen Dream and NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa who could all step up and prove that Triple H’s brand deserves to be recognized.

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NXT has become much bigger and better over the past six years and most of the main roster are products of the developmental set up, which means this could be a genuinely interesting storyline for WWE since there aren’t many superstars left on the main roster who didn’t cut their teeth in NXT first.