WWE Could Be Preparing Matt Hardy For A Backstage Role In The Company

Matt Hardy made his return to WWE at last year’s WrestleMania in one of the biggest shocks of the night when he and his brother Jeff were able to win the Raw Tag Team Championships.

Hardy and his brother have since been moved over to separate rosters and Hardy has lifted the Championships once again with Bray Wyatt.

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It was recently reported that Hardy is now struggling with a back injury which is causing his tailbone to fuse with his spine which means that he will need to take some time away from the ring to recover.

Following his most recent match against The Revival and The B-Team, the former Champion bid farewell to his partner Bray Wyatt on Social Media and is now expected to take some away as The Revival become the new challengers for his former Championships.

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The Wrestling Observer noted that whilst Hardy is on the sidelines, there are plans for him to shadow some of WWE’s producers and learn the ropes backstage so that he can still lend his impressive brain to the business whilst his body is healing.

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Hardy showed that he has an impressive understanding of the business when he was able to create his Broken Matt Hardy character in Impact Wrestling a few years ago, this later became the main reason why WWE rehired the tag team legends and he has continued to shine on their flagship show.

Hardy has a unique brain when it comes to the wrestling business and it’s likely that WWE is looking to cash in on that as much as possible since he is unable to wrestle right now, but he could be able to lend some intriguing ideas to the creative team.