WWE’s COVID-19 Tests Reportedly Limited to Temperature Checks, The Hurricane Says ‘Buckle Bomb’ Should Not Be Banned

A new report has been circulating about the coronavirus testing procedures that WWE has been putting their talents through.

Just this week, WWE began allowing talents from NXT and developmental to be part of the tapings for the television shows as part of the “crowd”.

The talent in the crowd are placed behind a plexiglass barrier and told to stand at a distance that follows social distancing guidelines. During the shows, announcers make it a point to say that they have been tested to ensure they didn’t have coronavirus.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, however, WWE isn’t really making talents take COVID-19 tests.

“There was no testing done at all again at the tapings this past week past temperature readings and asking people if they don’t feel well,” said Meltzer.

The reports are somewhat surprising, as AEW and UFC conduct COVID-19 tests for all of their athletes who are part of live shows and tapings. Given that WWE is a bigger company, it’s thought that they should be able to afford and should indeed be implementing the same measures.

On other news, as we reported earlier, WWE has decided to ban the use of the Bucklebomb finisher.

The ban comes on the heels of a scary incident on Raw where Kairi Sane was feared injured after a Bucklebomb from Nia Jax.

Shane Helms, who wrestled in the WWE as The Hurricane, tweeted about WWE’s decision to ban the Bucklebomb. Helms seems to think that it was unnecessary.

“I did the Vertebreaker,” writes Helms. “Aguably the most dangerous move in the business and never hurt anyone.”

Helms continues saying that it’s not the move that is dangerous, it’s how the move is executed.

Helms was a backstage producer in the WWE starting 2019, he was one of the backstage staff who was let go in April due to cost-cutting.