WWE Diminishing Renee Young’s Role As RAW Commentator

A few months ago, Renee Young made history for being the first woman to ever sit on the commentary booth for a full episode of Monday Night RAW and soon cemented her position as a full-time RAW commentator, joining Michael Cole and Corey Graves every week. Young was also at the commentary desk during the Crown Jewel pay-per-view event in Saudi Arabia.

Despite being hailed as a successful color commentator since her debut at the announcers’ desk, it seems that Renee’s aura is starting to fade due to the nonsensical things WWE is having her say into the microphone.

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On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed the issue and noted how the Canadian bride of Dean Ambrose is actually losing her credibility in the process.

“Yeah, you know they’re hurting her credibility something fierce. I don’t know if she had a lot of credibility coming in but everybody coming in has a certain clean slate you know because they haven’t like said too many stupid things because they haven’t said anything yet when they’re coming in. She was certainly better than Booker and certainly better than god, that freaking Coachman who was the worst.”

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“But they’re ruining her. Now it’s kinda like she’s just another you know, whatever. Just another bad announcer that says things that makes no sense. Not quite as bad as Booker, but still she’s hammering these points home and trying to credibly call this stuff that has no credibility.”

It is to be noted that what Renee says isn’t actually up to her because she mostly has Vince McMahon in her ears giving her the lines that she’s supposed to say throughout the show.

In recent weeks, Young has been saying laughable things that are quite hard for the WWE Universe to ignore. Moreover, pure silence on her part, when questioned about Dean Ambrose, doesn’t actually help boost her credibility nor does highlighting a double standard example while explaining Alexa Bliss’ potential as a heel authority figure.