WWE Dr. Chris Amann’s Sexual Relationship With Former WWE Superstar Revealed


The jury ruled in favour of CM Punk and Colt Cabana in their legal battle against WWE Dr. Chris Amann. Just when everyone thought that the lawsuit is in the rearview mirror, certain pieces of information emerged from the trial that Dr. Amann would like the world to forget including the fact that he broke HIPPA Law and gave out prescription medication without logging it.

According to Deadspin, Dr. Chris Amann’s attorneys filed several motions a week before the infamous trial in order to keep certain topics away from the light. Although many were sealed, one motion managed to leak out and has now taken the WWE Universe by storm.

The motion states that Dr. Amann had a romantic sexual relationship with then-WWE wrestler and former Divas Champion, Jillian Hall. Amann was the only doctor during that time on the Monday Night RAW brand and thus took advantage of it by carrying on his relationship as he travelled around providing medical care to the talent.

Deadspin reached out to Hall via phone who confirmed that their relationship was legitimate and a wrestler who chose to be unnamed also claimed that neither party tried to hide their relationship.  Court documents also reveal that Dr. Amann had another romantic relationship with an indie wrestler who he met at a WWE tryout. Her name was not mentioned in Deadspin’s story.

Although Amann’s attorneys declined to comment on the matter, WWE released a statement saying:

“We were not aware of this. We are investigating the matter and will determine if any action is warranted.”

Wrestling Observer earlier noted that Amann’s contract with WWE is set to expire in October, 2018.

Dating patients is a violation of doctors’ codes of ethics and the doctor caught in such act must be removed as the caregiver. But this wasn’t the case as Amann was the only doctor on the red brand during his relationship with Hall. However, the motion in public court filings submitted by Dr. Amann’s own legal team has stirred things up further.

While losing a legal battle isn’t a just cause to not renew an employee’s contract, the ethical violations inside the company and keeping the matter in the dark for nearly a decade could surely be sufficient enough to show the employee the exit door.