WWE Dropped Plans for a Referee’s Rulebook

Refereeing in professional wrestling can be a thankless task, and Mike Chioda is a prime example of it. After working with WWE for over three decades, the veteran official was let go during the cost-cutting earlier this year.

Chioda recently spoke with WrestlingInc, and revealed his idea for a referee rule book. He said that he was in process of writing the book during his time in the company, but he had to scrap it as WWE fired two of the backstage personnel who were helping him in it.

“There is no rule book for refereeing in the professional wrestling business. I was actually trying to write one a while back, and it got scratched because two of the guys that were working with me in the office had gotten released. We were six months into this situation and that just went right down the tubes. This was when Johnny Lauranitis was actually still head of talent relations.”

The book was six months into production, but couldn’t see the light of day.

Chioda appeared in AEW for a little while after his departure from WWE but didn’t sign a full-time deal with the company.

Chioda has publicly expressed his displeasure with Vince McMahon’s company, who showed no gratitude for his work spanning different eras.

A referee rulebook could be an interesting coffee-table read for professional wrestling enthusiasts, and hopefully, Chioda finishes it one day.