WWE Drops Shinsuke Nakamura-Ali Feud On SmackDown Live

This shows a lack of consistent planning from WWE' side

Image via WWE

WWE programming has always been a mess and there is rarely a proper structure to the shows. The rumors of Vince McMahon rewriting the shows hours before the start of the show, have increased tremendously in the recent weeks, which shows a lack of consistent planning from WWE’ side.

In yet another baffling decision, Shinsuke NakamuraAli feud was seemingly dropped from WWE television. After Nakamura’s win against Finn Balor last month, Ali stood up as the next challenger for the King of Strong Style.

However, Nakamura-Ali feud never materialized and was quietly dropped from WWE programming. Nakamura cut a promo on Ali weeks ago, but that never led to anywhere and was eventually scrapped.

Ali debuted on SmackDown Live late last year against Daniel Bryan, and has since then featured in several high-profile matches on the blue brand. Ali is one of the better babyfaces in WWE currently, and a feud for the Intercontinental Championship would have helped advance his career in the right direction.

After last night’s SmackDown Live, where Nakamura formed a new alliance with Sami Zayn to take on The Miz, a fan expressed disappointment over the Ali-Nakamura feud being dropped. Ali replied to this tweet with a “Yes”, confirming that the rivalry was indeed scrapped.

Ali was due for a WWE Championship opportunity in February earlier this year, when he was one of the six entrants in the WWE Championship match. However, Ali got injured and was eventually replaced by Kofi Kingston, who went on to win the championship at WrestleMania 35.

Ali has once again been denied a championship opportunity, and WWE keeps undermining one of the solid babyfaces in the company.

Ali is scheduled to take on Buddy Murphy in the first round of the King of the Ring tournament next week. Ali will definitely go into the match as an underdog, after Murphy’s recent exploits against Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns.