WWE/ECW Hardcore Legend Tommy Dreamer Confirms Talks With All Elite Wrestling


14-time WWF/E Hardcore Champion Tommy Dreamer could be headed for All Elite Wrestling, as confirmed by the man himself.

The ECW legend recently appeared on Sirius XM Busted Open Radio where he revealed speaking to AEW’s Executive Vice Presidents Cody Rhodes and Matt Jackson.

“I have spoken to Matt and Cody about doing stuff there and I said, ‘Whenever you guys need me I’m happy to help. Nick and Matt helped House Of Hardcore in the early stages. I always saw them as main eventers.”

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“If there are any two individuals… I had daughters, but if I had sons I would want them to be like [The Young Bucks]. They’re two great human beings, they really are.”

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Despite his wholehearted willingness to be part of the new promotion, the final decision is up to AEW.

“Cody I’ve known him since he was a little kid. His father was my hero, his father was my friend. I’ll do anything for those guys cause I love them. If they want me there, I’m there. If there’s not a spot for me, trust me, I get it.”

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“My own last show at House Of Hardcore you know who didn’t wrestle? Me, because there wasn’t a spot for me there. I hope that there is [a place for me in AEW]. I’d love to be a part of something successful and I have spoken to them. That’s it.”

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Given how WWE no longer has a separate “hardcore division” in this PG Era, it would be interesting if AEW brings back the good old hardcore theme in their own fashion and invite the The Heart and Soul of ECW onboard.

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Dreamer wrestled his last televised WWE match against The Wyatt Family in an 8-Man Extreme Rules match on RAW after TLC (2015).