WWE Extreme Rules: Apollo Crews Forfeits United States Championship, New Champion Crowned

MVP offered to recruit Apollo Crews a few weeks ago on Monday Night Raw, but after The United States Champion refused to become part of MVP’s group, Bobby Lashley stepped in to welcome him to the hurt business when he locked in his Full Nelson.

Crews has been missing from Raw over the past few weeks, with the reason being given that Crews needed to recover from the injuries suffered at the hands of Lashley. In his absence, MVP has designed and unveiled a new United States Championship and already claimed that he is the Champion.

MVP was unable to claim the victory as a Champion without defeating Crews in a Championship match, which was scheduled to take place tonight as part of The Horror Show at Extreme Rules.

The announce team revealed a few moments before the match was set to take place that Apollo Crews had failed his pre-match physical which meant that he was unable to compete as part of the match.

MVP and Bobby Lashley then made their way to the ring and without the bell even ringing, MVP was announced as the new United States Champion. MVP then went on to tell Lashley that he shouldn’t injure opponents so much that it hinders his progress in the company.

MVP walked out of Extreme Rules as Champion with the current reason for Crews’ absence still being seen as the injuries at the hands of Lashley.

It will be interesting to see if there is a real-life reason why the former United States Champion wasn’t part of tonight’s show, especially given the recent issues that WWE has had with talent refusing to be part of shows while the COVID-19 pandemic has taken over The Performance Center.

Tonight’s Extreme Rules show was pre-recorded, so it’s interesting that the company still advertised the match if Crews wasn’t going to compete.