WWE Extreme Rules: Dolph Ziggler Fails to Lift The WWE Championship After Picking a Fantastic Stipulation

Given the buildup for the WWE Championship match at Extreme Rules, it’s hard to believe that there was a time that Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler were actually best friends.

Ziggler has been playing mind games with McIntyre for a number of weeks after the WWE Champion put all of the power in his hands when it comes to choosing the stipulation for their showdown, a showdown which Ziggler asked for and McIntyre granted.

McIntyre has become a confident Champion in recent months after being able to brush aside all of his challengers, but he must have been rattled by the fact that he had to wait until the bell rang for their match so that Ziggler could announce the stipulation.

Ziggler decided to go for quite the stipulation as well since The Showoff announced that the match would be an Extreme Rules match but only for Ziggler. The other added points were that if McIntyre walked out, got counted out, or got disqualified then Ziggler would become Champion.

McIntyre was at a distinct disadvantage from the start since Ziggler picked up a number of weapons and used them against the Champion, even putting him through a table at one point, before McIntyre was able to fight back.

Ziggler knew that if a Claymore was able to strike then he would lose the match and sure enough, out of nowhere the Champion was able to hit his finisher and retain his title.

The fact that McIntyre was able to win despite all of the odds being stacked against him just gets the Scottish star over as a much bigger face. This will give him quite the boost heading into his rumored showdown with Randy Orton at SummerSlam before he predictably crosses paths with former Champion Brock Lesnar once again in the near future.