WWE Extreme Rules: Seth Rollins Wins “Eye For An Eye” Match After “Removing” Rey Mysterio’s Eye

It was easily the most anticipated match of the night, as Rey Mysterio looked to exact some revenge on Seth Rollins, who “took” one of his eyes in a beatdown on Monday Night Raw a few weeks ago.

Mysterio has since been forced to wrestle with just one eye after his face was pushed into the steel steps and affected his vision. A few weeks ago on Raw, Mysterio decided that he wanted to avenge what The Monday Night Messiah had done to his family and challenged the former World Champion to a match where the winner would be forced to extract their opponent’s eye.

There were times where the match could have gone either way, especially when Mysterio was looking to put a kendo stick into the eye of Rollins. The end of the match came when Rollins decided to revert to his earlier tactics of using the steel steps to his advantage and pushed Mysterio’s face into the steel steps.

While Mysterio tried to fight Rollins off, the corner of the steel went into his already injured eye and when Rollins took a few steps back and looked as though he was setting up to deliver a curb stomp, the camera went to Mysterio who’s eye was already out of its socket.

It appears that while the camera angle had changed, Mysterio was able to put a fake eye under his mask and that was how WWE was able to make it seem as though Mysterio’s eye was out of its socket.

Rollins didn’t have the reaction many fans believed he would when the bell rang and he was announced as the winner since the Monday Night Messiah then vomited at the barricade at ringside before slowly walking to the back and Mysterio’s son Dominick ran down to help his father out of the arena.