WWE Extreme Rules: The Fiend Returns as Part of The Wyatt Swamp Fight

After The Firefly Fun House match back at WrestleMania, the WWE Universe knew what to expect when it came to The Wyatt Swamp Fight between Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman as part of The Horror Show at Extreme Rules.

Strowman returned to the swamp since it was the place that he called home when he was part of The Wyatt Family. The Universal Champion has always been held back by some connection to Wyatt and this was his chance to cut all of those ties by returning to the swamp and burning it to the ground.

The match contained some interesting throwbacks including the old Braun Strowman in his sheep mask, a mask that once belonged to Erick Rowan as well as someone who was dressed similarly to the way that Luke Harper was once presented.

Braun was tied up in a shed before he was attacked by a snake, then fought in front of a fire, where he set one of Wyatt’s followers on fire.

The match then contained a moment where it appeared that Braun was hallucinating about a future with Alexa Bliss, which was promised to him if he went home. This was Sister Abigail playing mind games as Bray once again took the upper-hand and Strowman was then dragged into the swamp.

The end to the match was strange since Strowman kicked Wyatt in the Swamp but was then dragged into the swamp himself, the water then turned red and The Fiend appeared to laugh and end the show.

WWE on FOX has since announced that Bray Wyatt won the match since The Fiend was the one who was left standing, but does this now set up for The Fiend vs Strowman at SummerSlam? How does Braun Strowman bounce back from such a strange defeat?