WWE Facing Interesting Problems at the New Thunderdome Location

WWE is moving out of the Amway Center and taking the Thunderdome Setup to the Tropicana Field. The first show is set to take place in two weeks’ time, but it doesn’t come without its own set of problems.

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the size of the new arena is causing problems with audio, as the empty-arena shows will require a lot of intervention from the company.

Another interesting problem is the existence of a pigeon colony at the top of the dome, which arises as a problem while moving everything to the Tropicana Field.

“Regarding Tropicana Field, what we’ve been told is the stadium is huge and the sound is awful, although WWE can pipe stuff in and control that aspect. There is also a colony of pigeons who live in the Dome’s roof”

Although pigeons shouldn’t be a major deterrent, the birds flying in during the live broadcasts, and even possibly interfering in the matches could be a cause of concern.