WWE Files for Trademarks of WCW Properties, UK Wrestler’s Ring Name

WWE has filed six new trademarks for phrases that had previously been used for WCW events and one additional trademark for the ring name of a recently signed NXT UK talent.

According to Heel By Nature, WWE submitted trademark filings for the following: Slamboree, The Match Beyond, Bunkhouse Stampede, BattleBowl, SuperBrawl, and Bash At The Beach.

The trademarks are for “entertainment services” and all of those phrases have previously been used by WCW for events. At least three of those terms were also previously the subject of trademark filings from AEW.

Last month, it was reported that AEW’s Cody Rhodes, under his real name of Cody Runnels, had abandoned trademarks he had filed for “Slamboree” and “The Match Beyond” after WWE had filed a notice of opposition because they acquired the rights to intellectual property owned by the WCW when they bought the company.

He has also been attempting to get “Bash At The Beach” trademark which was denied as it was too close to the WWE trademark “The Bash”. AEW has, however, used the phrase for several events.

It’s being speculated that, as WWE has abandoned their claim to the “Cody Rhodes” ring name, there might be some sort of deal in place between the two and Rhodes won’t contest WWE’s trademark filings on the WCW events.

It is also being reported that WWE has filed a trademark for “Candy Floss” which is the ring name of a British female wrestler who signed with NXT UK earlier this year.

WWE had actually filed for several ring names for NXT UK wrestlers, and for the name “Candy Flores”, earlier in October. At that time, it was being speculated that “Candy Flores” might be a new ring name for “Candy Floss”.

With this new filing, it looks like Candy Floss might be keeping her original ring name even as she works for WWE.