WWE Files New Trademark for Dean Ambrose, Need Jon Moxley’s Permission

WWE recently gave up on their trademark for AEW star Cody Rhodes, which has since allowed the former star to use his ring name over in All Elite Wrestling for the first time.

Since joining AEW back in 2019, Dean Ambrose has reverted back to his Jon Moxley name but WWE still has merchandise and video content that uses the name, Dean Ambrose.

While the company reportedly abandoned the trademark for the former star’s name back in August, according to Heel By Nature, a new trademark for the name was filed on October 10th and put into the database on October 23rd.

While it’s unknown why the company wants to hold on to the Dean Ambrose name, WWE could still encounter a few issues when it comes to actually trademark the name.

USPTO now asks for the star who portrayed the character to give their signed permission for the trademark, which means that current AEW World Champion Jon Moxley would have to agree to WWE trademarking his former name.

Moxley’s wife Renee Young had also recently walked away from the company and Moxley has been very outspoken about his time in the company and his desire not to make a return.