WWE Files Trademarks For NWO

WWE has filed new trademarks for the NWO (New World Order). One is for merchandising while the other one is for wrestling purposes. WWE has also recently filed for Woken Warrior, Skull King and The Ultimate Warrior symbol, and Immortals amongst others for merchandising purposes.

Defined by legal documents, the NWO trademark filed on May 30, 2018, is for:

“Entertainment services, namely, wrestling exhibitions and performances by a professional wrestler and entertainer rendered live and through broadcast media including television and radio, and via the internet or commercial online service; providing wrestling news and information via a global computer network; providing information in the fields of sports and entertainment via an online community portal; providing a website in the field of sports entertainment information; fan club services, namely, organizing and staging events with wrestling fan club members; providing online newsletters in the fields of sports entertainment; online journals, namely blogs, in the fields of sports entertainment.”

The NWO debuted in WCW at the 1996 Bash At The Beach Pay-Per-View event and had a brief WWE run in 2002. The faction originally consisted of Hollywood Hulk Hogan (leader and founding member), Kevin Nash and Scott Hall.