WWE Files Trademarks for Several Ring Names, Dominik to Drop Last Name?

WWE reportedly filed several trademarks for wrestling ring names this week. While most were for NXT UK talents, one of them is for the name “Dominick”.

The fact that the son of Rey Mysterio, Dominik, is currently a SmackDown wrestler implies this very similar name could be for him. Note that the trademark filed is for “Dominick” with a “nick” while Mysterio’s son currently spells the name with the last few letters “nik”.

Rumors are now swirling that Dominik could be dropping the Mysterio name for this new ring name.

WWE tends to like to have one name for their wrestlers. Notable examples would be Mysterio family foe “Murphy” who was Buddy Murphy and former United States Champion “Apollo” who was Apollo Crews, Big E who came in as Big E Langston, and Elias who was Elias Sampson.

WWE also tried this with RETRIBUTION leader Mustafa Ali who was previously only referred to as “Ali” by commentators for some time last year. Charlotte Flair has also occasionally had herself referred to as just “Charlotte”.

The other trademarks reportedly filed this week were for more NXT UK Talent. The names WWE is trying to get trademarked this time are: Levi Muir, Kenny Williams, Joseph Conners, Johnny Saint, and Jinny.