WWE Files Trademarks for Watch Along, Ring Names of NXT UK Talents

WWE has filed for six trademarks this week. One of those trademarks is for their live stream program “WWE Watch Along”, while the other five are for ring names that look like they are for WWE NXT UK talents.

The four of the ring names are currently in use by NXT UK talents Eddie Dennis, Dave Mastiff, Dani Luna, and Ashton Smith.

The fifth name that WWE is filing a trademark for is “Candy Flores.”

While there is currently no WWE talent under that name on any of the rosters, there is a UK wrestler called Candy Floss who was signed to NXT UK earlier this year. “Candy Flores” could be her new WWE ring name.

The trademark for Watch Along states that it is for “a show about professional wrestling”.

WWE Watch Along provides fans with a live stream, usually available on their social media channels and the Network, featuring WWE Superstars and legends watching live events. The appeal of “Watch Along” is that it allows you to see the reactions of the WWE talents to events.

The WWE Draft, which was held on this week’s episode of SmackDown and to continue on Raw, is the latest event to have a WWE Watch Along.