WWE Furious With Wrestling Observer For Selling Out ROH/NJPW MSG Supershow

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Image via wrestlinginc.com

WWE firmly believes that the Wrestling Observer assisted ROH and NJPW in selling out their Madison Square Garden supershow and Vince McMahon & Co. are not at all happy with the news channel.

The professional wrestling world is changing in terms of how it conducts business and although WWE still stands as the biggest wrestling promotion in the world, rival promotions have given WWE a run for its money for the last few years.

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Ring Of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and IMPACT Wrestling have raised their bars since 2017. By signing released WWE talent, rival companies have taken their business to the next level.

ROH and NJPW is scheduled to co-host a supershow in Madison Square Garden in 2019. This speaks a lot about how far these two promotions have come given their humble beginnings in this WWE-dominated business.

WWE considers MSG as their holy grail and as a result there has been a lot of controversy off late, especially due to the fact that the supershow will take place on the same night as NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn, just 24 hours before WrestleMania 35.

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The news broke in June and despite WWE firing on all cylinders to prevent the dreadful from happening, it appears that the ROH/NJPW event has already sold out. WrestleMania 35 takes place at the MetLife Stadium on April 7, 2019 and the McMahons fear fierce competition from their rivals’ MSG supershow.

WWE wasn’t quite happy ever since the news initially made headlines in June, and now that the impossible is actually happening, it’s safe to assume that the pro-wrestling juggernaut is absolutely furious.

On a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez revealed that CEO of WWE Vince McMahon is putting the blame on editor Dave Meltzer’s publication for causing the nightmare sellout. Alvarez branded Vince’s conduct as “preposterous” and discussed the matter in detail.

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“You’re telling me I helped sell over 100,000 subscriptions for New Japan World or that I helped sell out MSG? That’s preposterous,” Alvarez said. “If it WERE true then there would be a reason for that and it’s because they allowed us access to talents that you don’t allow us access to so what are you complaining about?”

“The idea that Dave Meltzer and I helped sell out MSG for ROH is preposterous. Vince will not allow any of his talent to be interviewed by us, whose fault is that? WWE aren’t going to allow any of that, then they’re going to cry and say that we helped sell out MSG? It’s ridiculous.”