WWE Hall Of Famer Alundra Blayze Expected To Be Part Of Evolution Pay-Per-View

alundra blayze
Image via tpww.net

WWE Evolution finally takes place next weekend and will be the culmination of a lot of hard work from many women as part of the current Women’s Revolution. Whilst there have been a number of Hall of Famers already announced for the show including Beth Phoenix, Trish Stratus, Lita and Ivory, one name that hasn’t been mentioned is Alundra Blayze.

Blayze will always be famous as the woman who went to WCW as WWE Women’s Champion and put the title into a trash can.

This was something that affected her career for decades afterward, but she was finally welcomed back into the WWE family back in 2015 when she was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and even made a point of taking the title out of the trash as part of her speech.

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Blayze was someone who was always ahead of her time when she was in the ring, she was a female wrestler who only cared about what she could do in the ring and she was an impressive athlete as well.

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Sadly, Blayze wasn’t what WWE was looking for at that time, which is why she found it so hard to slot in with the other women on the brand.

Thankfully, her contributions to the Women’s Revolution have been noted in recent years and according to PWInsider, she’s another female star who’s expected to be in attendance at Evolution in New York next weekend.

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Much like Molly Holly and Ivory, it is unknown what Blayze will be doing as part of the show, since she would just be there as a personality or WWE could decide to add her to the Women’s Battle Royal since it has been a while since Blayze has stepped into a WWE ring.