WWE Hall of Famer Booker T Reveals That His Advice Once Got a Fellow Star Fired

Booker T is a legend in the wrestling business and someone that many stars will now be looking to for advice after his impressive Hall of Fame career.

Despite always being seen as a mentor by the WWE roster, Booker T was recently part of an interview with Chris Van Vliet where he revealed that he once got a WWE star fired by giving him bad advice.

Booker didn’t name the superstar in question but did note that he only remained in WWE for around a year and he was unaware of the reason that he was fired in the end.

“I got invited into the TV locker room. I didn’t just go and dress in the TV locker room. I remember a guy, a couple years back and I’m not gonna say his name. He lasted in WWE about a year or so. You’ll be able to figure it out. He was in the TV locker room. I’m wondering in my mind, ‘What the hell is he doing in the TV locker room?’ He’s hanging out in there with us, he’s kicking it and whatnot.”

“I told him, he was talking to me about the guys in the other locker room and I was like, ‘Man, forget those guys man. Dress over here man. I mean, who are those guys to tell you where to dress?’ All I was doing was stirring the pot. He didn’t know I was getting him in more trouble and then they ended up firing his ass and you know what? He didn’t know why he got fired.”