WWE Hall Of Famer Claims That Brock Lesnar Is Right To Be Demanding

Brock Lesnar
Image via GiveMeSport.com

Brock Lesnar is the current Universal Champion but hasn’t actually appeared on WWE TV since April when he defended his Championship against Roman Reigns at The Greatest Royal Rumble.  Lesnar has been able to ensure that he has a watertight WWE deal that allows him to still perform for UFC and take off as much time as he needs.

Whilst this frustrated many WWE stars, former General Manager Teddy Long recently appeared on The WrestlingInc podcast where he revealed that he believes Lesnar knows his worth and if he’s able to make these kinds of demands then he should continue to do so.

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“It really doesn’t surprise me because sometimes you take a lot of guys and before they sign, they make a lot of demands on what they want and what they don’t want.”He said, via RingsideNews. “I think Brock just understands maybe how valuable he is to the company, so he makes these demands and I guess he just shows up whenever he’s supposed to or whenever they call him. I don’t know, I don’t know anybody else and I’ve never seen anybody else do that. But I’m just saying God bless him if he’s got it like that, then go ‘head.”

The former World Champion obviously signed an interesting contract with WWE which allows him to break a lot of rules that many other stars would never be fortunate enough to earn.

Lesnar is currently scheduled to be part of Monday Night RAW next week where he along with Paul Heyman, is expected to come face to face with his SummerSlam challenger Roman Reigns, a man that he has already defeated twice this year in high profile Championship matches.