WWE Hall Of Famer Edge Reacts To The Revival’s Release Request

The Revival
Image via WWE.com

It came as a shock to many members of the WWE Universe when it was revealed earlier this week that The Revival had requested their release from WWE.

The former NXT Tag Team Champions are widely considered to be one of the best Tag Teams in the business but are being under utilized by WWE, which could be why they are open to looking for employment elsewhere.

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Edge and Christian know a little something about tag team wrestling and discussed The Revival’s recent request as part of their most recent episode of E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness, where Edge appeared to agree with their decision.

“If it’s true I get it in a way it’s got to be frustrating like we’ve talked about a six-minute match. What kind of story can you tell in a six-minute match and you start to throw in Lucha House Party Rules or something like that?

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The danger is people think, ‘Alright I’m in WWE now, let’s go,’ it’s gotta be disillusioning sometimes. Like, I remember we had to go out and have a handicap match with Steve Blackman in two minutes,” he said via Ringsidenews.

Edge and Christian have been part of a number of interesting tag team matches over the years where they have been pushed for time and still forced to tell a story, so the duo would definitely understand the situation.

The most recent update on the situation is that WWE has denied their request and could now be looking for a way to help Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson to become much happier with their place on the roster, but this still remains to be seen.