WWE Hall of Famer Edge Talks Why He Won’t Go on Cameo

While WWE Hall of Famer Edge likes interacting with fans on social media, there’s one social media application that he’s not going to be on anytime soon.

Edge was recently asked on Twitter why he didn’t have a Cameo account. The question stemmed from a Tweet that was sent to him by a fan asking for a birthday shout out.

Another fan responded saying that Edge should get a Cameo account to accommodate such requests and that they themselves would be willing to pay Edge for a birthday shout out on Cameo.

Cameo allows people to request video messages from people for a fee. Many entertainers and celebrities, including wrestlers, use this as an additional revenue stream.

Edge responded to the negative to getting a Cameo account by saying that he didn’t need to charge people to take 2 minutes out of his day to give someone a shout out.

“The fact that young kids, who weren’t even born when I retired want a birthday shout out for me at this stage in my career makes me happier than the message makes them,” wrote Edge in his Tweet.

It should be noted that Cameo accounts were among the third-party applications that WWE told talent they needed to hand over along with their Twitch accounts. Another WWE legend, The Undertaker, recently became officially available on Cameo for a short time.