WWE Hall of Famer Gerald Brisco Fired After More Than Three Decades With WWE

WWE Hall of Famer Gerald Brisco shared the shocking news on his Twitter page earlier today, where he confirmed that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon had personally called him and told him that his services were no longer required.

Brisco worked as part of The Brisco Brothers in the 1980s and was later recruited by WWE as a talent scout back in 2010.

Brisco was last seen on WWE TV as part of the Raw Reunion show back in July 2019, when he won the 24/7 Championship.

Initially, the star was one of a number of backstage talent who was released back in April as part of the budget cuts.

Brisco clarified that he had been furloughed at that time but now the WWE Hall of Famer has made it clear that he has been relieved of his duties backstage in WWE.

Despite this setback, Brisco also pointed out that he would remain loyal to any wrestlers who still needed his help or support.

Brisco worked for WWE for 36 years before he revealed that he had been dismissed from the company earlier today.