WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg Still Under Contract With WWE

Goldberg was last seen on WWE TV back at WrestleMania 36 in April when he was defeated by Braun Strowman as the two men collided over the Universal Championship.

Originally, Goldberg was scheduled to defend his title against Roman Reigns, but the COVID-19 pandemic caused a number of issues for the company and their planned WrestleMania card, so The Monster Among Men was drafted in.

Many fans believed that Goldberg was written off WWE TV when he lost the Universal Championship four months ago and it was unknown if he would make his return to the company in the future.

The WWE Hall of Famer recently spoke about his WWE contract on The Pop Culture Show where he interestingly revealed that he’s still under contract with WWE, not only that but he’s under contract until 2023 and set to work two matches a year.

“I am contracted with the WWE for the next two years through 2022/23. I’ve got two matches per year. I’ve exhausted my limit this year quite early on April the 5th with WrestleMania under these really weird circumstances.”

Goldberg worked WWE’s Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia ahead of WrestleMania this year where he was able to win the Universal Championship, before dropping the title to Strowman at The Biggest Show of The Year and fulfilling his quota for 2020.

It’s unknown when Goldberg will be returning to WWE, but the former Champion went on to reiterate his commitment to the company as part of the show.

“I’ve got a couple other extremely interesting projects right on the cusp, but as you guys know in the entertainment business right now everything’s on hold unless it’s a production of 10 or under pretty much. We got a lot of cool things that people are going to find out about pretty soon. My WWE commitment is still going strong.”