WWE Hall Of Famer Johnny Valiant Killed In A Pickup Truck Crash


Former WWE wrestler and WWE Hall Of Famer Johnny Valiant was killed after getting hit by a pickup truck while crossing the road in his hometown in Pennsylvania on Thursday.

The 71 year old WWE legend was pronounced dead at the hospital. Johnny Valiant, who real name was Thomas Sullivan, wrestled in the 1970s alongside his storyline brother Jimmy Valiant when he won multiple World Tag Team Championships.

After retiring from wrestling, he managed superstars like Hulk Hogan (in the now defunct American Wrestling Association) and Brutus Beefcake. He was inducted in to the WWE Hall Of Fame in the year 1996.

He also starred in television series “The Sopranos” and “Law & Order” and appeared in the 2008 movie “The Wrestler” starring Mickey Rourke.


A WWE spokesman said: “Valiant proved he was multi-faceted by also doing colour commentary for WWE before returning to the AWA in 1989 as a manager.

“In 1996, “Luscious” Johnny and “Handsome” Jimmy were immortalised when they were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

“WWE extends its condolences to Valiant’s family, friends and fans.”

According to the local sources, Valiant was hit in the early hours of Thursday, while crossing the road in North Hills, a suburb of Pittsburgh.

Images: WWE