WWE Hall Of Famer Mark Henry Pushes Crown Jewel In Saudi Arabia

WWE confirmed to proceed with Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia despite huge backlash and mounting pressure from fans, US Senators and Superstars owing to the Khashoggi murder case.

This has led to two top Superstars namely John Cena and Daniel Bryan pull out of Crown Jewel.

WWE has managed to find last minute backups by bringing in Bobby Lashley to replace the 16-time World Champion in the inaugural 8-Man WWE World Cup. Samoa Joe will replace the Leader of Yes Movement to face AJ Styles for the WWE Championship at Crown Jewel.

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The locker room and legends are divided on whether the talent should boycott the show or board the flight to Saudi Arabia.

This time its WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry who has stood with WWE in its decision to proceed with Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia. And in doing so, Henry indirectly took a jab at John Cena.

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Henry told TMZ Sports:

“I wouldn’t ever say that person is making the wrong decision. I would say that’s not the decision that I would make. I would stand by my guns and I would do what’s good for business.”

“I’m a firm believer in not leaving people out to dry.”

The former World Heavyweight Champion revealed that back in the day there were things that he was reluctant to do but realized his personal decisions could have screwed over many others.

“Our fans, they want to see you. Give our fans what they want.”

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Henry also noted that the murder of Khashoggi was horrendous and Saudi Arabia should publicly apologize to fix the situation at the earliest.

The World’s Strongest Man added, “The WWE is just one business. There’s hundreds of thousands of businesses doing business internationally. Why pick on one?”