WWE Hall Of Famer Reveals That He Would Work Upcoming Saudi Arabia Show “For A Certain Price”


WWE’s trips over to The Middle East have allowed a number of WWE superstars to dust off their wrestling boots one more time, including Shawn Michaels who was the headline attraction back in November.

While a number of stars have made it clear that they don’t want to be part of WWE’s trips to Saudi Arabia, there are some who would jump at the chance of claiming the money on offer.

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This year, Goldberg is making his return for the first time in more than two years with The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar already announced, but it appears that there’s another WWE Hall of Famer who wants in on the trip to The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

While speaking to Talk Sport recently, Mick Foley built up the possibility of a Hell in a Cell match between himself and The Undertaker as well as revealing that he would be available for the show for a certain price.

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“I can be had for a certain price,” he noted when he was asked about the upcoming show in The Middle East, which will be WWE’s third outing, but he also admitted that he was glad he hadn’t been put into that position yet.

“If they wanted a rematch of the cell badly enough and were willing to pay for it, then my god they’d probably get it. Working slower than I did 21 years ago, but I’d be out there,” he said via ProWrestlingSheet.

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Foley hasn’t actually wrestled in a WWE ring for a number of years and the former World Champion underwent hip surgery only a few years ago following his stint as Raw General Manager. Despite this, The Hardcore Legend has always been up for a fight and it appears that he could be another wrestler looking to take his final bow in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.