WWE Hall Of Famer Scheduled To Be Part Of SmackDown 1000

smackdown live

SmackDown celebrates its 1,000th episode on October 23rd and it’s expected to be one of the biggest shows in the brand’s history. SmackDown has been The B-Show of WWE now ever since it was created back in April 1999 and finally, the show celebrates one of its biggest milestones.

RAW recently celebrated its 25th anniversary and the company went all out to bring back the stars that have put the show on the map throughout the course of its history.

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The show itself was named after one of The Rock’s most famous promos and there has been speculation that WWE is hoping that the man himself will be in attendance in Washington DC in six weeks time.

The Undertaker is already scheduled to be part of the show, but WrestlingInc announced earlier today that WWE Hall of Famer Edge will be in attendance for the show as well.

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Edge was a huge part of SmackDown throughout his career when he was World Heavyweight Champion, which is why he is a name that many fans expected to be brought back.

So far, it’s unknown as to what Edge will be doing as part of the broadcast or if Christian will be brought back for the show as well so that the duo can plan a Cutting Edge Peep Show for the fans in attendance.

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With the second season of The Edge and Christian Show premiering on the WWE Network later this year, the duo could make a return to promote their show.

Matches that are being advertised for SmackDown 1,000 include The Miz vs Daniel Bryan, Jeff Hardy vs Randy Orton and WWE Champion AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe.